Prairie Creek Candles

Between the Sheets Reed Diffuser

🌿✨ Unveil the Elegance with Our BETWEEN THE SHEETS Reed Diffuser! ✨🍇 Introducing our exquisite BETWEEN THE SHEETS, a captivating blend of notes featuring the enchanting aromas of pink berry, lychee, champagne, and amber. 🍓🥂 🌸 Sensational Fragrance Symphony: * 🌸 Pink Berry: A burst of sweetness that lingers in the air. * 🍍 Lychee: Exotic and refreshing, adding a touch of sophistication. * 🥂 Champagne: Bubbles of effervescence, setting the mood for celebration. * 🕊️ Amber: A warm, embracing finish that leaves a lasting impression. 🏡 Transform Your Space: * Enjoy a constant, subtle fragrance that perfumes your favorite spaces.