Kevin Murphy

Curls in Charge Set

Limited Edition Trio

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The Kevin Murphy Curls In Charge Box Regimen is specially formulated to define and enhance curly and wavy hair, while providing nourishment and treatment as you style. Get ready to experience the transformation of your curls with this carefully selected blend of weightless moisturizers and frizz fighters.



Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls Wash - Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Shampoo: Revitalize your naturally textured or permed hair with Kevin Murphy's NEW Killer products! The Killer Curls Wash is a nourishing Oat Milk shampoo that gently cleanses while safeguarding the cuticle. Enriched with fatty acids, it preserves the strength of your hair and locks in moisture, resulting in enhanced texture and healthy, shiny locks.

Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls Rinse - Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Conditioner: Define, enhance, and refine your curls with Kevin Murphy's NEW Killer products! The Killer.Curls Rinse is a nourishing Oat Milk conditioner specially formulated to deeply hydrate and strengthen your hair, reducing the risk of breakage. It also provides protection against color fading and works to refine the texture, leaving you with soft, bouncy curls that are both shiny and well-defined.

Kevin Murphy Killer.Twirls - Nourishing Curl Refining Air-Dry Crème: Enhance the texture of your hair with ease using Kevin Murphy's leave-in styler, Killer.Twirls. This innovative product helps define your curls while keeping them hydrated and protected from humidity. With added shine, you can simply twirl your curls and go, effortlessly achieving a polished and refined look.

Experience the power of Kevin Murphy's Killer Curl Trio, created to nourish, define, and refine naturally textured or permed hair. The carefully selected blend of products will transform your curls, giving them the attention they deserve. Embrace your gorgeous, healthy, and vibrant curls with Kevin Murphy's Curl Regimen today!