Prairie Creek Candles

Merry & Bright Room & Linen Spray

Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of rich, succulent figs entwined with the essence of cypress boughs and balsam. Unveil the harmonious blend of Cypress Needles, Grecian Fig, and Cedar Bark, creating a distinct and enchanting fragrance that fills your space with warmth and elegance. NORTHERN CYPRESS + FIG + CEDAR BARK OUR MOST VERSATILE PRODUCT Use daily on your bedsheets, pillows, couches - anywhere in the home that needs a bit of a boost. Contains a 4fl oz blend of body-safe fine fragrance oils, witch hazel and distilled water. Wild-harvested base combined with top-tier fragrance oils, this product is 100% natural and free of phthalate and parabens.