June 27, 2023 4 min read

Acne is one of those topics that is surrounded by SO MUCH misinformation!! There is so much conflicting advice, product endorsements, active ingredients, DIYs, Dos and Don'ts, and drastic solutions floating around that sometimes it feels IMPOSSIBLE to know what is fact and what is fiction. So today I am going to break down some of the acne myths that truly drive me up the wall!!! 



  • MYTH: Acne-prone skin requires a bunch of active ingredients to combat acne.

    This is one of the top myths I want to break down. Depending on your skin, some people should be using no active ingredients at all, while some people can use a variety (depending on the ingredients -some ingredients should not be used in combination with each other).

    • For example, products with Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C should be used in an alternating routine and are best not to be layered. Many other combinations of active ingredients are not recommended, but these all depend on each person’s individual skin type and concerns. Always talk to your esthetician or dermatologist before mixing active ingredients.

  • MYTH: Popping pimples is fine - or even beneficial.

    This is not true! In general,leave your zits alone! A zit is not going to last forever - your body will always naturally heal or expel it (like in a hot shower) in time. Most people are unaware that when you try to pop a pimple and it doesn't pop, what's actually happening isthe inflammation may have popped under the skin, causing the acne to spread further. My recommendation is always to leave your skin be and see your esthetician if you want extractions! However, another option is to invest in somezit stickers, which will absorb secretions and prevent unnecessary touching of the spot. They can also help heal the inflammation faster!

    • SUB-MYTH: If someone has never caused any permanent scarring from popping pimples, they are immune to acne scars.

      Unfortunately, this is false. As you age, your skin has less and less collagen, which is a protein in your body and an important building block of skin cells. Collagen is the fibres that give your skin structure. As you lose collagen, your skin is not as strong, which can make things like wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars more prominent and visible. Some people can also have darker acne scars than others depending on the makeup of their skin.

  • MYTH: Acne only happens in teens and should clear up by the time you are an adult.

    False! Acne can be caused by a variety of factors including hormones, environmental stressors, medications, stress, skin type, and lifestyle. Some people never have acne as a teen but struggle with it in adulthood. Hormones are complex systems that can fluctuate throughout a person's lifetime for a wide range of reasons. 

  • MYTH: Acne means that someone doesn’t take care of their skin properly.

    This is absolutely not true! Anyone can get acne for any of the reasons mentioned above. It is of course important to keep skin healthy with a skincare routine, but even someone with a dedicated regimen can still deal with breakouts or persistent acne.

    • SUB-MYTH: Covering acne with makeup will only make it worse

      This is a myth. As long as you’re properly cleansing your face before and after wearing makeup (and keeping those makeup brushes and tools clean!), makeup will not make your acne worse. Not cleansing the skin properly can lead to your skin getting very congested so make sure you do it! I always recommend a double cleanse using an oil-based cleanser first to pick up oil-based makeup and debris, followed by a water-based cleanser to pick up the oil.

      Precleanse by Dermalogica is one of the best products to consider. My waterproof eyeliner won't come off unless I use Precleanse!

  • MYTH: Products with the same ingredients have the same effectiveness.

    Not all products are created equally. Even though a product might claim to include a certain ingredient, particularly active ingredients, this does not mean that it will give the same results! One example could be Vitamin C products from a drugstore brand vs. a professional-grade brand like Dermalogica. The difference is the quality of the Vitamin C molecule - some molecules can penetrate deeper than others, while some just stay on the skin's surface.


There are definitely a ton of myths floating around about how to treat your skin, prevent acne, and treat acne - these are just some of the ones I hear the most often! If I missed one that you’ve heard and you aren’t sure if it’s true, I would be happy to help you break it down! Send me a DM on Instagram, post in the comments below, or book a free skin consultation and we can chat in person. I can answer your questions about acne and give you tips on how to treat your skin’s unique concerns.



    Hope Simmons, Aesthetician & Makeup Artist at Salon Society Regina


    Hope Simmons is a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, and Bridal Makeup Specialist at Salon Society. She specializes in brow laminations, all things brows, treating acne-prone & melanin-rich skin, and custom relaxing facials​.

    Visit Hope's About Me page or Book an Appointment.

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