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SASO Acne Bootcamp

Introducing the SASO Acne Bootcamp: a fully customizable treatment plan to help reach skin goals at-home and in the treatment room. The Acne Bootcamp is characterized by 4 elements: 


  1. Professional Facials
    Biweekly scheduled express facials for 8 weeks targeting individual needs offered at a discounted package price. These facial treatments will focus on kickstarting skin healing and introduce clients to professional products, ingredients, and techniques. 

  2. Setting you up for Success
    A major component of skin care is, of course, home care! That is why we are offering 20% off Dermalogica recommended products to Acne Bootcamp members for the 8-week membership duration. The goal is to set our clients up for success and ensure they have the tools they need to achieve their goals! 

  3. Coaching and Support 
    Struggling with acne is truly just that, A Struggle. Hope personally understand this and will be available for support, coaching, guidance, and questions along the way! She wants to be the person who is there for you, the person that she always wished was there for her during her struggles. 

  4. Looking to the Future 
    Following the Acne Bootcamp we offer special discounted membership pricing for follow-up treatments for 6 months! The follow-up treatments include facials, with the goal to continue to treat remaining acne and improve skin health. As well as treatments such as dermaplaning and microneedling which require the skin to be free of active acne before they can be done. 

The Fine Print 

The SASO Acne Bootcamp is a membership service. For one package price, members gain biweekly express facials for 8 weeks (a total of 4 express facials). Facial appointment sessions must be booked + completed during each 14-day window. If a session is missed, the appointment will be forfeited; we recommend clients pre-book their 4 treatments to avoid disappointment and forfeiting appointments. 

20% off Dermalogica applies during the 8-week membership window and applies to all products recommended for the member’s use. The discount is for the individual member’s products only.  

Follow-up appointments must be booked no later than 4 weeks following the last facial appointment session to qualify for member-only pricing + can be used consecutively (4-8 week intervals) for up to 6 months following at the discounted price.