10 Things You Need to Know About Fusio-Dose

November 14, 2021 4 min read

Fusio Dose Facts

10 Things You Need to Know About Fusio-Dose

If your hunt for the best hair treatment has led you to Fusio-Dose, prepare to call off the search. The pioneering and personalized hair treatment by industry leaders, Kérastase, delivers not only what your unique hair needs, but it does it in a matter of minutes with results you’ll get to enjoy from the moment you walk out of the salon. Want to know more about this game-changing hair treatment? Below, we’ve listed 10 need-to-knows.

Bain Divalent

1. Fusio-Dose is a tailor-made system of hair health injections

The ultimate quick-fix problem solver for all hair types, Fusio-Dose is the innovative in-salon treatment that nurses your hair back to health, no matter the starting point. Focused not only on helping your hair look better, the system is designed to actually boost the health of your hair, utilizing the kind of active ingredients you’d expect to read on the labels of your hi-tech skincare. 

2. It’s a two-part treatment utilizing the latest in hair technology

Fusio combinations
One question Kérastase experts are asked all the time is: Do salon hair treatments work? 
When it comes to Fusio-Dose, we can safely say they do. It involves building a bespoke prescription for each client. After a thorough consultation, your stylist will select a base, theconcentré, to target your primary hair concern; each containing plenty of conditioning active ingredients. Theconcentré is then mixed with a booster shot formulated with quick-action molecules designed to work on your secondary hair concern. This powerful concoction is then spritzed throughout the hair post-shampoo and in lieu of conditioner, before being worked through the hair and washed out. 

3. There’s a custom Fusio-Dose combination for your unique hair needs

Personalization is no longer the future of beauty, it’s the present and Kérastase continues to remain at the forefront of this movement. That’s why Fusio-Dose is uniquely personal, allowing each client to discover their own bespoke combination tailored to their hair concerns. Your stylist will complete a thorough hair diagnosis to identify your ideal combination, but you can also take our handy online quiz to find your perfect Fusio-Dose ritual. There are seven Concentres and six Boosters, with an impressive total of 42 possible combinations. 
Put it this way: Fusio-Dose is the best hair treatment for dry, blonde, dull, damaged, well…. for any kind of hair!

4. It allows you to target two unique hair concerns at the same time

One of the key ways Fusio-Dose has a leg up on so many of the other hair treatments available out there is that it offers two treatments in one. The unique two-step system blending a targeted concentrate with a conditioning booster means you no longer have to decide on just one hair concern to combat.  
Have hair that’s both curly and blonde? Dry and thinning? Flat and damaged? Fusio-Dose allows you to address A duo of concerns in just a single treatment. 

5. It’s inspired by the world of skincare

If you’ve spent years investing in the most cutting-edge skincare formulas to make your complexion glow, Fusio-Dose implements that same level of care and attention to hair health. It’s part of a growing trend - pegged asthe skinification of hair - where hair products and treatments borrow the technologies and ingredients once reserved for our faces. 
One example is concentre vita-ciment (one of the Fusio-Dose base concentrates) which contains ceramides. 
In skincare, ceramides are praised for their ability to support the barrier function, while in hair they work wonders protecting the hair fibre and replenishing its surface, thus improving the way it feels as you run your fingers through it. Within the range, you’ll also find ingredients like hyaluronic acid, amino acids, glycerin, antioxidants, vitamin E and natural plant oils. 

6. The treatment is exclusive to salons

There are lots of great products with the power to boost the condition of your hair at home (just ask your stylist if your bathroom cabinet needs a restock) but Fusio-Dose is a professional in-salon treatment with potent active ingredients in high concentrations, which is why it’s best saved for the backwash.

7. The results are instant

Even in the wake of the pandemic, we’re more time-poor than ever which is why – however blissfully relaxing in the stylist’s chair flicking through magazines may be – none of us have time to spare on long and laborious hair treatments. That’s whyKérastase Fusio-Dose has been specifically engineered to work in a matter of minutes. 
Once your bespoke concoction has been sprayed evenly throughout the hair, its effects are enhanced by a very welcome head massage and five minutes later (i.e., by the time you’ve finished your flat white) it’s ready to be washed out. Unlike other hair treatments which require hours, if not days to work their magic,Fusio-Dose utilizes special micro-emulsion technology to deliver active ingredients to the areas of the hair that need it the most. 

8. You can add it on to any service

GivenFusio-Dose takes a few minutes to work its magic and that it’s applied at the backwash, it’s a hair treatment that can be slotted into pretty much any hair service. 
Fancy giving your blow-dry extra bounce? Want to amp up the shine on your freshly-coloured hair? Or want to make your hair look even healthier now you’ve had all those split ends chopped off? 
Simply add in a Fusio-Dose hair treatment. 

9. The results last up to five washes

There’s no greater feeling than waltzing out of the salon with amazing, bouncy hair post-treatment, but it’s always so disappointing when that salon-fresh feeling fades after the first wash. With the power to travel deep into the hair shaft and ply each strand with concentrated active ingredients, the effects ofFusio-Dose have been found to last up to five washes, depending on the condition of the hair. Long may your good hair days continue! 

10. It’s available at Salon Society

Ready to book? Thankfully, Fusio-Dose is available now at Salon Society! Simply visit our booking site to schedule your treatment when it is convenient for you.

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