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January 27, 2021 2 min read




Tyler Caragata

Hello to my Curly-Hair Folks!

I know it has been a minute since my last blog. After receiving such incredible feedback about my Curly Hair Love blog some of you tried my steps at-home and the results were great! May as well continue this trend. 

I love seeing so many people embracing the natural textures of their hair. Go with the flow! Our hair's true natural texture is beautiful!

Our topic today is Colouring Curly Hair:

Some of you may be worried that colouring or lightening your curls will damage them. But I say, fret not! During these long quarantine hours, I did some research just for this blog. I wanted to see what the people of Google say about colouring your curls. And in my opinion, you shouldn’t listen to them… they are the people in Brad Mondo’s nightmares.

The top misconceptions in my research were:
  • Discouraged use of permanent colour or lightener
  • Recommended using Henna Hair Colour

Not to be dramatic but girl, they are lying!

I have over 10 years of experience colouring naturally textured hair using lightener and permanent colour. My curly clients have healthy hair. With proper education and caution, licensed professionals have safely used lighteners and permanent colours for years. 

Henna colour cannot be removed from the hair, and will cause chemical reactions when lightener is used. What this means is that if you have coloured your hair with Henna you won't be able to alter it afterwards. Even highlights would be extremely damaging and cause a chemical haircut. It's best to stay away from Henna if you like to change things up regularly.
Here are some things curly-hair folks should consider when colouring their locks:
When picking a colour we want to create a beautiful, cohesive look. So rather than picking a multi-tonal masterpiece, stick to looks like ombré, balayage or highlights. These techniques enhance the look of your natural curl texture and it's a more gentle colour process. 

Be bold! As curly-hair folks, we should not be limited by traditional colours. Don’t be afraid of going bold with colour. 

My personal favourite is a softer colour as your hair has a lot of movement. Soft colours enhance what you already have and you are perfect! 
When choosing a colour, you should be mindful of your natural skin tone and eye colour. Picking something that complements your natural features. This is one of my favourite parts of the consultation process and I'm happy to help you fine just the right hue.

I take pride in my work and strive to give ALL my client’s what they want while maintaining the integrity of their hair. Your hair is a reflection of you and my mission is to empower you by treating your hair as it deserves to be treated.

I would love for you to schedule a consultation with me. We can discuss what we can do to achieve your ideal colour and style or we can find a look that will enhance your beautiful curls. You got this!
Tyler Caragata

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