April 20, 2020 2 min read

Greetings from quarantine and my couch!

Being cooped up in my home for the past couple of weeks watching so many T.V. shows and a lot of commercials about hair products being sold in our drug stores has got me thinking…

Do you really know what's in that bottle?

A lot of major beauty companies (we won’t mention any names) that we see in our drug stores are mass produced and contain a lot of ingredients that we cannot pronounce thus resulting in a hell of a deal ($$$). One of the ingredients that we see in shampoos and conditioners from them is actually wax, plastics and high percentages of alcohol. Yes, your hair feels clean and soft, but is it?

A majority of these drug store products also contain a lot of sulphates which causes a huge lather that appears to be cleaning your hair, when actually all it is doing is leaving all of that dirt in your hair and putting a wax coat over top of it. Gross eh?

That sizzle you hear when you pass your flat iron through that heat protectant…. That's vodka... Think about it.

Who knows more about your hair’s needs than your stylist? 
Why not ask them their professional opinion about Salon Products? 

The reasoning why is because your hair is one of your biggest investments as well as it is the first thing that people notice. You spend a lot of money getting your hair done, wouldn’t you wanna take care of that investment?

Kevin Murphy is one of the brands we carry at Salon Society. All of Kevin Murphy’s products are from natural sources and are created by Kevin himself who is a working stylist in our industry. All of the ingredients listed on the back of the bottles are clearly stated as well as not wax, plastic or alcohol. So they are great for your investment!

Check out our website or message our great staff and get the lowdown from us! 

During COVID-19 we are offering curbside pickup and deliveries!

Thank You for Reading And Stay Safe!

Tyler Caragata

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