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Kevin Murphy: How to Prevent Colour Fade

December 23, 2021 2 min read


How to Prevent Colour Fade

Kevin Murphy Staying Alive bottles in a row

Fresh hair colour can easily empower every aspect of your style — with a finish that inexplicably complements your skin tone, shine that lights up any outfit and a healthy condition that is effortlessly manageable and soft to the touch. To ensure this feeling isn’t fleeting, brush up on the best ways to correct colour fade with proper home care.


After each hair colour appointment, you can take conscientious steps to combat the onset of colour fade with the products you use. Each step of your routine from your choice of colour-safe shampoo and conditioner in the shower, to leave-in treatments to enhance finish, and styling products to protect against heat damage should be well thought out.

Directly after your appointment, aim to wait as long as you can before washing your hair. Then, work a colour-safe WASH and RINSE into your regimen. A few of our favourites include ANGEL.WASH and ANGEL.RINSE for hair that is susceptible to damage following colour or lightening services, BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL to deposit a lavender hue and cut down on brassiness and unwanted tones, or your choice of WASH based on hair type and preferred style followed by CRYSTAL.ANGEL to act as a conditioning gloss between appointments to enhance colour, longevity, brilliance and shine.

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse
Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Treatment
 Kevin Murphy Crystal Angel


Following your WASH and RINSE routine, utilize STAYING.ALIVE — a leave-in treatment designed to help restore the pH balance of the hair and close the cuticle while improving elasticity, repairing damage, improving manageability and smoothing the hair. After priming your hair with STAYING.ALIVE continue to finish your style as desired.

Kevin Murphy Staying Alive

When possible, allow your hair to air dry instead of using heat styling in an effort to cut down on damage and fade. However, whenever you do decide to use heat, always apply HEATED.DEFENSE — a leave-in heat protectant. This weightless foam can easily be layered with your existing regimen to cut down on damage as a result of heat, reducing damage and helping promote smooth, protected, tangle-free hair any time you style.

Kevin Murphy Heated Defense


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