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October 25, 2021 2 min read


"Let's talk: feeling beautiful in your own skin (literally)" With photos of three women


I think the Pinterest quotes have it right:

beauty is on the inside”
“being yourself is beautiful” 
“confidence is sexy”


That sounds lame, but I think they are on to something because I believe being comfortable allows us to shine and be beautiful. When we feel uncomfortable - in a situation, in our clothes, in our own skin we dim ourselves and our beauty. 

In an uncomfortable situation or when we feel judged it is hard to show our true self and come into our own. When we feel self-conscious in our clothes, we try to blend into the wallpaper, we change how we hold ourselves, we tug and fidget - but when we feel like a smokeshow we show how fire we really are! I think that feeling confident in owning our look, our self, our bodies makes us beautiful. 

Now let’s talk feeling comfortable in your own skin - your literal skin. Skin is the largest organ on our bodies and I think it comes with the largest range of conflicting ‘right kind of beautiful’ prescriptions. You can’t be too light or too dark. You can’t be too pale or too rosy. You can’t have too much of it. You can’t age. You should be smooth and flawless at all times - if you’re not you should wear makeup. But if you wear makeup, you should wear less… 

And to combat all those conflicting issues we are bombarded with skin care tips and tricks, medications and supplements and crystals, treatments and peels. Now, I’m not going to say I don’t love skin care or that I don’t love getting treatments done (I’m dying for a dermaplaning treatment + jelly mask as I write this) but I do think the shame that is put on us for not being perfect or not being makeup free is ridiculous. So:

Do you want microneedling and all the best masks to clear your skin for a makeup free future? Great! I know the sweetest girl who can help you get there! 

Do you want a BB Glow treatment so you can wake up and feel confident and ready for the day - makeup already on? Amazing! I love that for you! 

Do you want to brush on some powder, or 7 layers of Sephora-curated perfection? ROCK THOSE SKILLS!!! 

Do what is right for you and what is going to make you feel good; there is no right or wrong way to feel comfortable in your own skin. If you want some skin care with no judgement hit up our girl McKenna - you can swing by for a free consultation and just chat or get down to business with an amazing treatment! 

Ailesh Abrams


Ailesh Abrams is a university student, research assistant, certified sunless tanning technician, and hand-painted gel nail artist.

Visit Ailesh's About Me page or Book an Appointment.

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