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We asked our talented stylists, aestheticians, and salon support staff for their favourite hair and skincare products. If you find yourself asking which hair or skin products are right for you, these are some of our favourites! Let us know in the comments if you agree. ​Our hair stylists are experts in blonding, creative colours, extensions, and colour corrections.


#1. Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo
Living Proof

Why our team loves it:
Nadine: I have fine, flat, greasy hair, and PhD dry shampoo is my go-to. The smell isn't overwhelming and it works!
Aaron:It's super absorbent and soft and silky to the touch; never gritty or tacky. It has time-released odour neutralizers that make your hair smell better over the day. I like to put it in my hair before bed and let it work overnight!
Shanna:I love it because it works! It is scientifically proven to clean hair. I always get the Jumbo size and I spray it on before I go to sleep or before working out!
Katie: It actually cleans my hair. And sometimes I’m not greasy but I get hat hair so I will spray some in my hair and give it a quick zhuzh. If you walk or bike to work, having a trial size in your bag is super useful!

Living Proof perfect hair day dry shampoo

#2. YOUNG.AGAIN Hair Oil
Kevin Murphy

Why our team loves it:
Aaron: It's super-hydrating and leaves you with a satin-silky finish; never greasy and a little goes a long way!
Ailesh: It's a lovely silky oil that feels nourishing and hydrating. It is made from immortel flower (like from Tangled)
Madison: It's amazing, smooth, light, not greasy, feels great on your hands.​

Kevin Murphy Young Again hair oil

#3. BEDROOM.HAIR Texturizing Spray
Kevin Murphy

Why our team loves it:
Aaron: It's the perfect amount of moldability and grit while still staying super touchable. And the smell is so damn good! It puts the "Fluff me" in Bedroom Hair 😉
Tatum: It makes it easier to piece your hair and works great for power ponies or a messy look.
Nadine: The smell is to die for, and the fact that it has hold but also works well for giving texture!
Danielle: It smells soo pretty. It's my go-to texturizing hair spray!

Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Texturizing Spray

#4. No. 6 Bond Smoother
Olaplex ​

Why our team loves it:
Shanna: Apply to the mids to ends of your hair. It can be used as a detangler after the shower, before brushing. I love it because it smooths your hair cuticle, adds moisture, strengthens and reduces frizz. And you can use it every day on wet or dry hair!​ It’s also good as a blow-dry cream.
Katie: It smells like heaven, makes your hair so soft, and smooths down frizz.
Aaron: It's my anti-pouff product! It speeds up blow-dry time, creates amazing anti-frizz and anti-humidity, and leaves hair silky soft. It is a bond builder so it strengthens hair at the same time. And it's hot yoga approved - my hair will stay frizz-free and straight if I use this during my blowout.
Olaplex calls it a citrus scent, but I think it smells like a pineapple mojito with a vanilla-sugar rim and a pink umbrella 🏖🍹

Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother

#5. BODY.MASS Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner
Kevin Murphy

Why our team loves it:
Nadine: I love that it has the same technology as Latisse® eyelash growing serum; I recommend this to all of my clients who are postpartum or suffering from hair loss.
Danielle: It's perfect to add volume for someone like me who has fine hair.
Madison: Great for hair loss and gives volume to naturally straight, flat hair such as myself.

Kevin Murphy Body Mass Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner


FRESH.HAIR Dry Shampoo
Kevin Murphy

Why our team loves it:
Ailesh: In my opinion, it works as well as the Living Proof PHD dry shampoo, but it smells like cake 😍
Tatum: It's one of the only dry shampoos that doesn't leave white residue in my brunette hair.
    Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo


    Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner
    Kevin Murphy

    ​Why our team loves them:
    Nadine:I amobsessed with the scent. Love how it gives my hair a bouncy, full effect!
    Oksana:It gives my thin, flat hair more life and helps to densify each strand of hair.​

      Kevin Murphy Plumping WashKevin Murphy Plumping Rinse


      Kevin Murphy

      Why our team loves it:
      Nadine: I love the smell of this hairspray. It's a great amount of hold without the crunch. You can layer it over for days and still have touchable hair.
      Aaron: It’s flexible, never crunchy, and has heat protection up to 450°F
      Stefan: It has a medium buildable hold but it is still brushable.

        Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex


        SHIMMER.SHINEShine Sprays
        Kevin Murphy

        Why our team loves them:
        Patricia:Lightweight oil that helps seal the ends of your hair but has a beautiful reflective property that shines in the light and adds dimension.
        Oksana: It makes my hair shimmer on dull hair days!

          Kevin Murphy Shimmer Me BlondeKevin Murphy Shimmer Shine

          Curly Girl/Curly Hair Faves

          KILLER.CURLS & KILLER.WAVESAnti-Frizz Curl Enhancers

          Kevin Murphy

          Why our team loves them:
          Aaron:Both smell really good and leave your hair with a nice soft curl or wave. @My curly friends - they won't make your hair look like ichiban noodles!

            Kevin Murphy Killer CurlsKevin Murphy Killer Waves

            HAIR.RESORT.SPRAYBeach spray
            Kevin Murphy

            Why our team loves it:
            Katie:It has SPF built-in to protect your hair from the sun's harsh rays! It works great to amplify texture from braids or just to emphasize your natural waves.

              Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray

              RE.STORECleansing Balm
              Kevin Murphy

              Why our team loves it:
              Aaron:It is a great "no-poo" cleanser!
              Nadine:I use it as a co-wash to repair my hair. I have fine, flat hair so I need elasticity and strength or my hair breaks easily. I use it as a treatment to rebuild strength. Read more about co-washing in my blog here!
              Miranda:It's faster than shampoo and conditioner when you're feeling really lazy. It's also really great for co-washing!

                Kevin Murphy ReStore



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