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Tan Tips - Before & After a Sunless Tan

April 09, 2021 2 min read


  • Exfoliate from head to toe, preferably the day before or the day of your spray tan
  • Remove all previous spray tan and dead skin as much as possible
  • Try not to apply moisturizers or oils the day of your spray tan as it will interrupt the absorption of the spray tan and act as a barrier to the skin
  • Remove all facial makeup prior to your spray tan (mascara is fine)
  • Avoid using deodorant before your spray tan if possible as it will create a barrier
  • Shave or wax BEFORE your appointment as hair removal can strip your tan
  • If possible, try to wear dark, loose clothing to your spray tan appointment


    • Proper moisturizing will extend the life of your tan and prevent uneven fading
    • Wait to start moisturizing until after your first shower
    • Hempz lotion is a great choice for post-tan moisturizing!
  • Your spray tan artist will tell you how long to wait until you can shower following your spray tan. DO NOT SHOWER until this time has elapsed!! Our solutions have varying processing times.
  • Your first shower after your spray tan will be a warm water rinse only. Do not use any bar soap or body/face cleansers as your colour is still processing.
    • After your shower, pat gently on your skin to dry - do not wipe/rub
    • When showering off your spray tan, you may notice the water colour changing - please don't panic, this colour is just the bronzer washing off your body.
  • Avoid swimming and excessive sweating for at least 12 hours after you have had your first rinse
  • Your colour will be developed to its fullest in 24 hours

Products to avoid: Bar soaps, mineral oil (baby oil), Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), hair removal creams, Chlorine, body scrubs, lotions with alcohol (check your ingredients - you'd be surprised how many popular brands contain alcohol - *cough* Bath & Body Works).

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