Specifique Cure Apaisante

Anti-Discomfort Scalp Treatment

Do you suffer from irritated scalp? Kerastase Specifique Cure Apaisante is a cure for itching, inflammation and other irritations. Helps soothe the scalp. Provides a nice healthy scalp. Kerastase Specifique for a beautiful healthy scalp!


  1. Apply the Kerastase Specifique Cure Apaisante on dry skin.
  2. Massage it gently over and through the hair.
  3. Do not rinse it out.
  4. For the best result, apply the course 3x per week during the 4-week treatment.


  • For sensitive scalps
  • Helps and relieves itching and irritation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Beautiful healthy scalp
  • Gender-neutral

Kerastase Specifique Cure Apaisante is a cure consisting of 12x6ml.