Genesis Homme Spray de Force Épaississant

Thickness Boosting Leave-In Spray

This boosting hair spray for men was created to strengthen and thicken hair prone to thinning.


  • Thickens every hair fibre for a fuller, stronger hair mass
  • Instantly gives the sensation of more hair volume 
  • Provides instant volumizing hair for 24H and texture from the roots with a natural look
  • +25%* more hair mass after 1 application
  • +5%* increased hair diameter
  • Light hold, non-sticky instantly thickens every hair fibre for a fuller, stronger hair mass

* Instrumental test, after application of Spray de Force Épaississant


  • Creatine rebuilds and strengthens the hair fibre from within. It improves the scalp's mechanical properties and protects it against heat damage and UV rays to create an immediate, fuller look.
  • Ginger Root is known for its ability to protect against daily external aggressors that harm your hairline. It boosts hair cell turnover and stimulates the hair scalp to provide the best hair treatment.


Step 1: Spray the Spray de Force Épaississant into hands.

Step 2: Work through wet hair.

Step 3: Do not rinse.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.