Blond Absolu Masque Cicaextreme

Post-Bleaching Hair Mask

Intense conditioning and deep restorative post-bleaching procedure masque for sensitized lightened or highlighted hair.


  1. This mask is formulated to work in perfect duo with Bain Cicaextreme.
  2. Apply to damp hair.
  3. Leave it for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse


A rich white gel-in-cream deeply strengthens fibre structure to reconstruct post-bleach hair. Hair is 94% stronger and more resistant.

  • Fibre is 85% more hydrated and plumped, with 24h of frizz-control
  • Hair is 34% more resilient after 5 applications of Bain + Masque Cicaextreme
  • Seals open scales from bleaching for a uniform, conditioned healthy fibre
  • Enhances fibre resilience to prevent future breakage & split ends
  • Reduces surface bleaching damage by 44% in a single-use