Symbiose Bain Creme Apaisant

Shampoo for Sensitive, Dandruff-Prone Scalps

Symbiose Bain Crème Apaisant by Kérastase is a paraben-free and sulphate-free moisturizing shampoo for dry and sensitive scalps, prone to dandruff. It contains pyrithione zinc, glycerin, and salicylic acid for a breathable scalp. Powered by a unique synergy of 3 actives that work in affinity with the scalp, Symbiose was made for loose dandruff flakes removal while replenishing fibre moisture for the ultimate healthy hair.

The texture is a creamy yet breathable foaming formula that removes loose dandruff flakes while moisturizing and soothing dry scalp. Exfoliates instantly and removes visible loose dandruff flakes on the scalp without stripping fibre.


  1. Apply a quarter-size amount of shampoo onto wet hair.
  2. Massage product with fingertips to activate micro-circulation.
  3. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly out of hair.


  • Instantly removes all visible loose dandruff flakes*
  • Hair is smoother*
  • Hair is moisturized, hydrated, and conditioned*

Tested under dermatological control
Suitable for sensitive scalps
Tolerance approved

*After application of Bain Crème Apaisant vs non conditioning shampoo.