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May 05, 2020 2 min read

Let’s talk about naturally curly hair!! At Salon Society, we have THREE Curly Hair Specialists: Patricia, Aaron, and Roma. These three stylists have experience and training in how to make curly hair look its absolute best! 

We know that curls can be temperamental, but we also know that the key to rocking curls and making them look their best is education - we’ll let you in on our curly hair secrets! 

  1. Curl Pattern and Density- As we know, curls are not all the same. When looking at curly hair types there are two factors to consider: pattern and density. For pattern, we are looking at wavy vs. curly vs. kinky vs. coily. For density, we are looking to see if we are dealing with finer hair or thicker hair. There are all types of pattern and density combinations - and all different types of curly hair! 

    Curly hair patterns

  2. Structure - The key to great curls is a great haircut - and the key to a great haircut is structure. Curly haircuts need to be shaped (or structured) to suit the curls; we don’t want any strange poofing or weird angles! 

  3. Washing + Conditioning- As with all hair care, picking the right products is key. Unlike most hair types, curls can be temperamental. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner duo can be tricky, however, a safe starting point is theKérastase Curl Manifesto line - seriously life-changing for curls!!

  4. Styling - Getting all the right products for your curls will change your life! Kevin Murphy has some great curl products and the wholeKérastase Curl Manifesto line is INCREDIBLE! Book in for a product consultation with Patricia, Roma, or Aaron for a routine customized to your curls. 

  5. The Right Tools for the Job - Curly hair must-haves are awide tooth combfor detangling, awet brush, theKelly Knowles Unraveler Detangling Brush (a brush so great getting its own blog post - coming soon), and a diffuser for your blow dryer!  


Pro-Tips for getting the most out of your curls :

  • Swap that regular towel out for a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt. Using a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt will prevent your hair snagging and reduce breakage. 
  • Take a break from your blow dryer for a hot girl summer and go steady with it (and a diffuser) in the winter. 
  • Detangle before and during showering with awide tooth comb. Using your comb this way will reduce knotting and help eliminate all of those shedding hairs. 
  • Use your wet brush to avoid breakage andKelly Knowles Unraveler to boost curl definition. 
  • Wearing a silk cap/bonnet to bed is truly life-changing and protects your curls from frizz & flattening overnight.
  • Keep your paws off your hair! The less you touch your curls the happier they will be!!


So those are some of our top tidbits and and tips about curly hair and how to treat those locks with the care they deserve. Comment with any questions about curly hair that we didn't answer above!

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