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Genesis Homme: The Top Products for Men's Hair Loss

May 06, 2022 3 min read

Genesis Homme infographic Salon Society

Did you know that male hair loss affects nearly 1/3 of all men by the age of 30?

What about that 70% of men experience hair loss at some point in their lives?

And finally (and shockingly) did you know that, contrary to popular belief, male hair loss is not all genetic? Much of the hair loss experienced by men is actually caused by routine - we’re making you rethink that 7-in-1 dollar store find, aren’t we?


Kérastase's new Genesis Homme line has been formulated for men's hair concerns, specifically reducing hair loss and stimulating growth for fuller, stronger hair.

This line includes research-backed ingredients utilized to stimulate and wake up hair follicles. Using clinical studies and instrumental tests, Genesis Homme is scientifically proven to thicken hair fibres, reduce hair loss, improve hair strength, and enhance hairlines for a fuller look after just 6 weeks of usage.



Okay cool - but how does it work?

Let’s jump into the science behind these ingredients:

A combination of ginger root, creatine, and expanding polymer instantly offers hair more volume by strengthening the hair fibres and plumping the hair. Aminexil is the star ingredient featured in the Genesis Homme serum that prevents hair loss. Using the full Genesis Homme product line gives your hair a cocktail of goodness resulting in hair that will look fuller in no time.

Genesis Homme ingredients

GINGER ROOT provides a number of benefits for hair. First, it stimulates blood flow which leads to increased hair growth. Second, ginger root has been shown to reduce scalp problems, like dandruff, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Third, it is an antioxidant which helps prevent split ends and breakage. And finally, the fatty acid chains in ginger root act as a deep conditioner for creating strong, healthy hair!

CREATINE repairs and strengthens hair fibres from the inside out. Creatine is a naturally-occurring derivative of amino acids, whose purpose in hair products is to help to boost cell metabolism and deeply moisturize dry scalps and hair. It also provides protection against heat damage and harmful UV rays. All of these benefits lead to fuller hair!

AMINEXIL is a bit of a superstar around here. It works by widening the blood vessels and promoting greater blood flow to the hair follicles - and of course more blood flow = more nutrients = happy hair! Aminexil works to prevent hair loss while stimulating re-growth, resulting in longer, thicker, and fuller hair. Additionally, Aminexil creates a more supple, hospitable scalp environment by gently melting collagen buildup that can otherwise harden causing breakage and damage.

Fun Fact: Research has shown that Aminexil counteracts hair loss in the Spring and maintains hair density in the Fall, a process influenced by the different phases of hair growth!


Genesis Homme range group shot


The Genesis Homme range includes two shampoos formulated for men's hair loss concerns.

Bain de Force Quotidien + Bain de Masse Épaississant


Genesis Homme Bain de Force Quotidien Shampoo

Bain de Force Quotidien

Translation: Daily Strengthening Shampoo

This shampoo is the perfect choice for daily use that purifies the hair and scalp while strengthening, moisturizing, and softening hair. It also works great for cleansing and hydrating facial hair.

Use: Work through wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Spray de Force Épaississant + Cire d'Épaisseur Texturisante.

Genesis Homme Bain de Masse Epaississant in hand

Bain de Masse Épaississant

Translation: Mass Thickening Shampoo

This shampoo is for those who are concerned about hair fall and are looking for more density and thickness. It features a cooling menthol effect, leaving hair and scalp feeling fresh!

Use: Work through wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Spray de Force Épaississant+ Cire d'Épaisseur Texturisante.



Spray de Force Épaississant

Translation: Thickness Boosting Strengthening Spray

This leave-in spray was created for men with weak or brittle hair that is prone to thinning. It instantly gives thickness and volume to the hair, while providing texture and a light, non-sticky hold.

Use: Spray into hands. Work through wet hair or rub into the front of dry hair. Do not rinse.

Cire d'Épaissur Texturisante

Translation: Thickening Texture Wax

For easy styling that gives instant thickness, use this styling and molding wax. It leaves a matte finish with medium hold and the non-greasy wax brings texture and 5x fuller hair.

Use: With a bit of wax on your hands, work through dry hair. Style and twist hair to your liking. Do not rinse.


Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

Translation: Anti-Hair Fall Fortifying Serum

Featuring the incredible benefits of Aminexil, this daily serum is the ultimate treatment for reducing hair loss and getting fuller, denser, thicker hair. With daily use over a 6-week period, it prevents hair loss and keeps hair stronger and healthier.

Use:Using sparingly, cover scalp with serum. That’s it - no need to apply to freshly washed hair or wash your hair after use. Recommended use daily before bed for overnight absorption.


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