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Kevin Murphy: Multi-Tasking Products To Keep in Your Beauty Cabinet

January 26, 2022 3 min read

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort & Spray on a tile background

Multi-Tasking Products To Keep in Your Beauty Cabinet


Starting on a new beauty routine or figuring out a way to save time on your current regimen? As we look for new ways to revamp our hair care this season the last thing any of us want is to sacrifice our style. Luckily, there are plenty of luxurious solutions that save you time while also treating your hair. Read on for the must-have multi-tasking products to keep in your beauty cabinet this season.




Why we love it: This dry shampoo can be used for a second-day refresh or to add volume on fine or thin hair.

Dry shampoo has always been known for its ability to refresh second- or third-day hair, but using it on day one has rewards as well. If you struggle with volume or find your blow-dry falls flat in just a few hours, add FRESH.HAIR to the new growth area after you’ve finished styling to add volume and subtle hold.



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Why we love it: A detangler and deep conditioner, it is the perfect leave-in for dry hair or prep for heat styling.

Whether you’ve decided to air dry your natural texture or blow-dry your strands into a stylized shape, UN.TANGLED is the product of choice to prep for either. This deep conditioning leave-in formula strengthens and restores hair while also doubling as an ideal heat protectant, especially for dry hair! 



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Why we love it: Create undone beach waves, add volume and texture to short hairstyles, or a finishing touch of sheen for session styles.

If you’re looking to create the iconic beach wave you probably already know HAIR.RESORT is the ideal pick. However, this texturizer can also work wonders on alternative styles. We love to add this to damp hair when styling short cuts to give them weightless volume and hold, or painted on finger waves or ponytails for a high fashion editorial finish. 



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Why we love it: To revive dull second- and third-day styles or to add shine and condition to hairstyles like high ponies or braids.

Sometimes styles need a conditioning touch to refine their lines or combat frizz — this is where dry conditioner comes in handy. A highly conditioning dry spray, YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER can be paired with FRESH.HAIR to revive and restore styles between washing or to add a touch of definition and hydration to your look. By prepping braids or adding a touch of dry conditioner to your up style, you’ll be able to deter fly aways and add a healthy sheen.



Buy Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine at Salon SocietyBuy Kevin Murphy Shimmer Me Blonde at Salon Society


Why we love it: This styler is ideal as a leave-in conditioning treatment on damp hair as a finishing spray to add shine, tame flyaways and enhance colour.

The ability to be used on damp or dry hair is already a win in our books, but this cult-favourite styler also has the ability to enhance hair colour, add moisture and elasticity to your look. SHIMMER.SHINE and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE are infused with a blend of Australian Fruit Extracts to nourish the hair while refining texture and controlling frizz. In addition to this, they also contain optical brighteners with light reflective technology borrowed from skincare to effortlessly enhance colour and texture at the same time.

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