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Kevin Murphy: New Year's Resolutions for Your Hair

January 20, 2022 4 min read

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Whether you decide to attend a glitzy party or ring in the new year at home, the start of 2022 is a great time to revamp your routine with a few New Year’s resolutions for your hair. The key to starting the new year in style? Pick habits that you won’t ditch by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Our Favourite New Year’s Resolutions for Your Hair

Start A Scalp Routine

Over the past year, scalp health has been seen as one of the top ways to revamp self-care for your strands. During cleansing, we often forget to concentrate on the skin underneath our hair. Similar to exfoliating, toning and moisturizing your skin, you can apply these same benefits to your scalp with a targeted treatment. Pick from our SCALP range with a TREATMENT or SERUM or add a SCRUB + WASH while in the shower.


Take Proper Care of your Colour

Whether you’ve decided to lighten or colour your hair darker this season, practicing colour care at home can extend the life of your shade between salon visits and cut down on excess damage. Naturally, hair that has been coloured either by lifting with a lightener or colouring with a permanent dye is more sensitized and at risk of fading. Everything from UV rays, heat styling, or harsh water in the shower can prematurely fade your colour, which is why investing in a colour-specific WASH (shampoo) and RINSE (conditioner) is ideal.

For blonde or highlighted hair, BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL add a touch of lavender while cleansing and conditioning to cancel out unwanted warmth, leaving hues more neutral and adding a heaping dose of moisturization to leave hair looking and feeling its best.

If you’re not trying to combat warmth, ANGEL.WASH + ANGEL.RINSE or REPAIR-ME.WASH + RINSE are ideal options to treat sensitized hair and restore strength, moisture and volume.


Book Upkeep Appointments Ahead of Time

Waiting until your ends are seriously split or your colour has completely faded to try and book a salon appointment can cause excessive stress to your strands. Instead of waiting, chat with your stylist and book appointments before you leave the salon. For colour clients, adding a quick and easy pH.D Treatment between colour sessions or booking for a trim between haircut transformations will keep your colour and style in shape.


Learn a New Style

The new year is a great time to reinvent yourself and your style! If you’ve been wearing the same beachy waves or a smooth blowout for ages, try learning a few tricks to add some finesse to your style. Take a peek at our favourite hair tutorials available on Instagram. Simply follow @Kevin.murphy and @SalonSociety.yqr for the latest style ideas you can recreate at home!

Salon Society Instagram post of Kevin Murphy products

Protect Against Heat

If you’re not using a heat protectant by now — start immediately! Surprisingly many of us skip the crucial step prior to styling. However, anytime you blow dry or heat style your hair you should apply HEATED.DEFENSE beforehand. This easy-to-apply foam is lightweight and will add condition while creating a protective shield against heat damage.

Deep Condition on a Regular Basis

Show of hands — who actually deep conditions on a regular basis? Whether you need to pick up a new treatment or have been saving your deep conditioner for a special occasion, the time to use it is now…and more often. As time passes, hair only becomes more susceptible to damage, stress and signs of ageing. Applying deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis are ideal year-round and can address targeted needs based on your hair type. While we love YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE for ageing, weakened strands or HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE for dry, parched hair, check out all of our options for a treatment specific to your style & needs.



Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Treatment Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Serum Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash




Is your scalp overdue for a spa day? This concentrated foaming masque is extremely soothing and nourishing, designed to relieve a sensitive scalp and nurture it back to health. Skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid delivers hydration and seals in moisture. Carrot Root and Celery Seed Extracts help clear impurities and excessive oil while conditioning the scalp to help it remain balanced and calm. Add it to your self-care regimen once a week for a happier scalp and healthier hair growth.


Relax. SCALP.SPA SERUM offers targeted instant soothing and balancing relief to an itchy, dry or irritated scalp. This lightweight, fast-absorbing, leave-in treatment adds a much needed boost to your spa day, promoting the very best scalp health. The silky formula features Celery Seed Extract to help soothe and moisturize, while Rose Flower and Lavender Oils help calm, nourish and restore balance. Massage it all over or target the areas that need it most to take your scalp from angry to ahhh-mazing.


Created with love for our blondes, this Lavender-infused, colour enhancing shampoo is the secret to maintaining that ‘fresh from the salon’ blonde. From creamy to platinum, no blonde is left un-toned thanks to optical brighteners that banish brassiness, rescue dull colour and restore shine. Nourishing butters moisturize the hair and prevent colour stripping—making every day a bombshell moment.
Kevin Murphy Heated Defense Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque




Renew and restore frazzled locks with the help of our hardworking REPAIR-ME.WASH. This reconstructing treatment shampoo is enriched with superfood Green Pea Protein and Silk Amino Acids that help repair damage and strengthen the hair. Powerful Papaya and Pineapple enzymes penetrate the hair to naturally boost moisture and nourish dry, damaged, over-processed strands back to life.

Arm your hair with a protective shield against heat damage. HEATED.DEFENSE is a weightless, invisible, leave-in foam treatment designed to deliver a supreme line of defense against damage associated with heated and mechanical tools. Provides extreme heat protection up to 232˚C / 450˚F. Breathe new life back into brittle, ageing hair with this restorative at-home masque from our REJUVENATE regimen. Anti-ageing Immortelle and Baobab Oils, Lotus Flower, Orchid Extract and a nourishing Amino Acid complex deeply condition while helping to strengthen and repair damaged hair. Say hello to body, bounce and incredible shine that makes hair look YOUNG.AGAIN.

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