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May 05, 2020 2 min read

Hey all from my final few weeks of quarantine!

All of us at Salon Society are so excited to be back in our beautiful space and working on some beautiful heads of hair!

Today I am going to address CURLY HAIR! This is a topic I know a lot about - being a Curly Girl myself! 
Curly hair is one of my favourite things to do behind the chair!
I am the Curly Hair Specialist at Salon Society and I love to help guide my clients with controlling their curls. (CURLS FOR THE GIRLS) 

There are so many different types of curls and waves, a few of us know how to work and control it! But some of us still can't seem to get it right!
The best analogy I tell a lot of my curly/wavy clients is “Curly hair is like a Toddler - It’s good and well behaved one second and the next it is a total jerk!”

I am going to walk you through a quick view of how I coach my curly clients.

  1. Curl Pattern and the Density - Figuring out curls and the density of each hair strand is going to help me create your total end goal! Some of us have thick curly hair and some have fine curly hair.
    Not all Curly hair is Thick!
  1. Structure - In my professional opinion curly hair cuts are no different than any other haircut and it needs structure! Yes, our hair does shrink and if we cut too much off it shrinks shorter but giving it actual structure in the cut will show it who’s the boss and will not turn into that evil toddler.

  2. Shampoos & Conditioners – 
  • Using all the right products will do wonders to how your curl will be! 
  • Starting off with a great Shampoo and Conditioner that goes with your hairs density. 
  • For Fine Hair I suggest Kevin Murphy’s Angel.Wash and Rinse.
  • And for those with Thick Curly Hair Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash and Rinse
  • All of the Shampoos and Conditioners are interchangeable which is fantastic for all hair!
  1. Styling - Getting all the right products for your curls will change your life!

Here are some of my Pro-Tips: 


Use a Microfiber towel or an old plain cotton t-shirt to lightly scrunch your hair with after you apply all products.

  • Air Dry in the Summer, Defuse in the winter. 
  • Use a wide tooth comb before and in the shower. Cuts down on any knotting and gets rid of all loose hairs.

The more you touch curls the more PISSED OFF they get!

Well that’s it folks!
Those are all my hidden secrets.
If you have any questions about your curls come in and see me or message me - @tyleratsalonsociety

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